A short film by Joe Garrity


Electronic Press Kit (PDF) available here.

"We roamed the parades and pageants with a mixture of amusement and apprehension. We weren’t like these twins, gleefully donning matching outfits, competing in most-alike contests, even subjecting themselves to experimental research in exchange for crisp twenty dollar bills. We were there for other reasons, as outsiders it seemed. Technically we were in the club, but in practice we were far from it."

- The Independent

"I grew up making movies with my twin brother, Phil, and when we first visited Twinsburg, Ohio in August 2011 during the annual Twins Days Festival, I knew I had found our next project. The story was very different then, but what I discovered amidst the parades, pageants, and even experimental research, was the setting of a film I knew I needed to make, an authentic story of twinship." 

- We Are Moving Stories

"For every laugh, it's tinged with something bittersweet," Garrity said. "I'm always walking a very fine line between, 'Is this funny, [or] is this too serious?' Now that I can step back and see the film from a little more distant perspective, I can appreciate we did kind of weave our story through some different tones. I'm proud of that. I'd always intended to share an ambivalent view of twinship."

- Twinsburg Bulletin